Our Machines

Taymec offer a range of machines and chemicals, suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. If you would like any further information or advice regarding the use of products and/or consumables, please contact us, thank you.

Our range of Commercial and Industrial cleaning machines


Scrubber Dryers
An all in one machine that scrubs the floor with water and detergent, then dries the floor all in one pass, leaving floors clean and safe straight away.

Used for picking up dry dusts and small debris from floors indoors and out.

Vacuum Cleaners
A range of vacuums for picking up dry debris or water/oils from carpeted and hard floors and surfaces.

Pressure Washers
Use high pressure hot or cold water to remove dirt and grease from hard floors, walls, concrete, vehicles, machinery, etc.

Steam Vapour
High temperature steam vapour cleans and sanitises with minimal water and mess. Ideal for hospitals and food handling areas.

Rotary Machines
Scrub clean or polish hard floors such as marble, porcelain, terracotta, tiles, altro, vinyl, concrete, epoxy painted, etc.

Extraction Machines
Inject water and detergent into carpets and upholstery items then removes it along with dirt for the material.

Speciality Machines
Escalator cleaning, scrubbers for in and around swimming pools, vacuums for hazardous dusts and ATEX areas.

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