Taymec supply a range of cleaning products to suit all tasks. We stock a selection of branded products and also our own range of chemicals which provide excellent results at a competative price. All with relevant material safety data sheets (formerly known as COSHH).

All products are available in 5 and 30 litres containers off the shelf or can be delivered in bulk 200 litre and 1000 litre units.


Carpet Shampoo

For use with hot water extraction machines, pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for woven and non-woven carpets. Also ideal for upholstery fabric.


Concentrated general purpose detergent for cleaning dishes, work surfaces, equipment etc. in a wide variety of industrial and domestic situations. Glisten is neutral, kind to the skin and biodegradable.


Superkleen is a powerful alkaline general purpose cleaner for removing all types of grease, dirt, ink and soiling from hard surfaces, such as concrete, resin finishes, tiles and plastic. It is ultra low foaming, which makes it ideal for scrubber dryer machines.

Cleen n’ Buff

For the cleaning of hard surfaces where a clean bright finish is required. Suitable for vinyl, lino, marble and terrazzo.
Can also be applied by mop and used for rotary spray cleaning.


Free from glycol ethers, this product offers the safer way to remove grease, oil, nicotine and general soiling from hard surfaces, and machinery in food factories, kitchens, canteens and other work areas.

Truck Wash Inhibited

Truck wash is a neutral, detergent based cleaner designed to remove unwanted grease, oil and dirt from painted and bare metal surfaces. It incorporates inhibitors to help prevent corrosion of metal parts in storage. Due to its neutral composite, it prevents the corrosion of zinc plated parts, which can happen with aggressive alkaline cleaners.