Gutter and Drain cleaning

Numatic gutter vac

Gutters and drains can easily become clogged at this time of year. If left blocked, leaking or overflowing gutters can cause damage to the property, encourage algae staining on outside walls and can create dangerous slip hazards beneath.

The Numatic WVD900-GD gutter and drain vac is specially adapted with its cyclonic side entry and exhaust blower to deal with leafs, nests, etc. which are commonly found in gutters and drains. With a standard reach of up to 7 metres most jobs can be carried out without the use of ladders, scaffolds or lifting systems making it a safer option for high level cleaning. This reach can be extended by adding additional hose and poles.

Numatic WVD900-GD

Also available are wireless camera options that can assist locating blockages and provide completion of work video or photos for customers.

These systems can also be used indoors for cleaning ducting, pipework, beams, ledges, etc. from the safety of the floor.

So whether your a window cleaner looking for an extra service to offer or a maintenance manager looking after a factory or warehouse. Contact us if you wish to discuss high reach cleaning equipment further.