Water Technology List

What is the Water Technology List?


If you are considering purchasing new equipment, why not make it sustainable – not only saving you water but also saving you money. If you’re a business that pays income or corporation tax, you’ll be able to claim 100% of the cost of an asset if it’s on the Water Technology List at the time of purchase – that means you can deduct its full cost from your profits before tax.

The Water Technology List (WTL), managed by AEA Group on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue and Customs, is central to the scheme for 100% Enhanced First-Year Capital Allowances (ECA) for water efficient technologies. The ECA scheme provides a real incentive for businesses to invest in technologies that promote the efficient use of water and ultimately support the environment.

The WTL is available on the web and includes products that meet the published water efficient eligibility criteria. Businesses purchasing products from the WTL will not only benefit from saving money on their water bills but can also claim ECAs which provide up–front tax relief on the capital cost of the equipment which can deliver a cash flow boost.

Companies investing in the Eco technology are able to set the Whole cost of the purchase against taxable profits in the year of purchase,this can mean a saving of up to 28% of the cost of the machine.

Qualified Machines


Only machines that have qualified to be a water efficient product, are entitled to benefit from the initiative. Look out for the WTL symbol when procuring new equipment. The symbol shows that a product has been independently assessed, and qualifies.

Our Floormec Commander Eco Scrubber dryers are included in the Water Technologies List.

For full information on the benefits of choosing a WTL qualified product, please visit watertechnologylist.co.uk, or contact Taymec for more details.