Taymec offer a comprehensive equipment hire service, including delivery of all machines.

With over twenty four years of floor care experience we can help you with your requirements for either short term hire; for one off cleans to bring premises up to standard; or for longer term hire for ongoing needs. From selecting the correct type and size of machine to choice of brush/pad and chemical.

Taymec stocks a fleet of scrubber dryers, sweepers, rotaries and hot and cold pressure washers ready for hire, including pedestrian, sit-on, battery, LPG and diesel so we are confident we can meet your requirements, what ever they might be.

– Pedestrian scrubber dryers

– Sit-on scrubber dryers

– Sweepers

– Rotary machines

– Cold water pressure washers

– Hot water pressure washers

– Various brush and pad options

– Chemicals

Need a quote?

If you would like a quote regarding the hiring of a machine, please contact Taymec, or if you fill in the ‘help’ form on the side of the page, we will contact you back as soon as possible.

If your requirement for cleaning equipment is permanent or long term have you considered leasing? Options over one to five years with or without maintenance, contact us for further detail.